Photo credit: Bob Morris

Photo credit: Bob Morris





1.  Each team or entry will consist of 2 men.  These 2 team members shall remain the same for the duration of the U.S.P.C.  NO substitutions allowed of any kind. Team members shall remain within 800 yards of each other at all times during the hunt from registration to check in.  Absolutely no separating to hunt, and all team members must be in the same vehicle at all times during the hunt even through check in. 

2.  Membership fee shall be $150.00 per team if entered before November 15th.  All cancellations will be assessed a $50.00 charge. The difference between entry fees and cancellation charges will be refunded after the hunt takes place.  Any team cancelling after November 25th, will not be refunded. There is a $5.00 charge per competition when registering online.

3. The drop dead date for the western region and the teams that want to participate in the overall is DEC 1st. You must have registration in at least two of the events or all three with the same partner to qualify for the overall. Points will only be counted with the same partner ONLY. If you switch partners the points will NOT count towards the other. If you hunt 2 events with the same partner and declared those points will count. Points will be awarded in the Western, Midwestern and Eastern as follows. First place is 200, second is 190, third is 180 and so on until all points or teams are gone in the order they place at that event.

4. No night hunting allowed in the West, Midwest contest. The Eastern contest has its own set of rules.

5. Core temperatures will be taken from all coyotes at check-in. Coyotes will be disallowed if temperature and time do not match. 

6. The day before the contest you will be notified of the system to block or tape to ID each coyote, in the order they were taken, immediately upon retrieval. The block or tape must have the team number, code, sex of coyote, date and time of day marked clearly on the tag. THE BLOCK MUST BE FILLED OUT COMPLETELY AND BANDED IN THE COYOTES MOUTH.  ANY COYOTE TURNED IN WITHOUT A PROPERLY FILLED OUT BLOCK AND BANDED ON THE COYOTES MOUTH WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED IN YOUR TOTAL AND COULD POSSIBLY MEAN A DISQUALIFICATION FROM THE ENTIRE HUNT.

7.  It is your responsibility to be legal to hunt in the areas you choose.  Be sure you have all applicable licenses necessary for the states and areas you will be hunting in.  

8. These licenses must be in your possession at time of tournament. If you are hunting without a small game, state furbearers license or applicable tribal license, etc. the local game and fish authorities may be notified and you will be disqualified from the tournament. 

9. All members of your team must be present and available to answer questions at check-ins.

10. No live decoys and /or dogs are allowed. (No running or killing coyotes with dogs.) 

11. No baiting.   This includes dead piles placed by your team.  

12.  Road Dogs must have an attempt made to be called to.

13.  All hunting must take place in the designated area that corresponds with the hunt you are in.   Western, Mid West, or Eastern Region as shown.

14. The Western and Midwestern hunts will be DAYLIGHT ONLY, NO MILITARY BASES. The Eastern leg will go with the rules they have set over the last two years but to TWO man teams only.

15. All ties will be broken by check-in times of 2nd day.

16. Check in time will be 3 pm on the 8th of Dec in Utah, 4 pm on the 2nd of Feb in NE.

17.  Polygraph testing will take place for the top 3 teams, as well as one randomly selected team.

18.  Public or private ground may be hunted.

19.  Once the hunt begins.   Only you and your partner are allowed to be in whatever vehicle of travel you choose.  The teams are strictly 2 man teams. 

20. Mouth call, hand calls, artificial decoys and electronic calls can be used. 

21. Absolutely NO pooling of coyotes between teams.  This will result in immediate disqualification and banning from the hunt in the future.

22. Check-in times are strictly enforced and it is the team’s responsibility to get with a tournament official to log your check-in time. 

23. All coyotes that are checked in will be inspected and will be donated to the tournament. This is to help cover the costs of the event. 

24. Any suspicious coyotes  will result in the disqualification of the team. Suspicious circumstances will  be determined by the contest judges and their decisions are final and legally binding.

25. Sportsmanship and respect for others are a requirement. Any team that disrespects, derides, interferes with or inhibits other teams, is found to have broken rules, is being overly disruptive, combative, verbally abusive, or even physically abusive will be requested to leave.  It is the sole discretion of the hunt administrator if a refund will be offered. If the hunt administration discovers that any team or team member has a history of multiple game and fish violations, convictions, cheating on bounty’s, etc., that is deemed unfit and detrimental to the integrity of the competition, they will be banned from entering the tournament. Furthermore, the U.S.P.C. reserves the right to refuse or ban any and all teams they see fit when poor behavior is shown, and impedes the ability of other teams to enjoy the competition and hunt.

26. To win the overall USPC championship you must hunt with the same partner in at least two of the events.

27. Each event will have regional winners. To win the overall USPC we will determine the winner by the accumulation of points. 200 for first, 190 for second and so on down the list. The team with the most points after all three events will be crowned Champions. If a tie should happen we will then refer to check-in times. The team that checked in with the least total time will break the tie and they will be crowned. Meaning that the teams that checked in sooner and killed the most coyotes. We realize some teams have to travel further from check-in, but we need a tie breaker and this is it. The tie goes to the team that did it better-quicker or planned time better.

28. These rules are set out for the benefit of all participants to ensure everyone has equal opportunity for a great hunt and a chance at winning the tournament. Each coyote will be examined at check in, and all rules will be strongly enforced. Core temperatures, time of kill, and sequence will be checked on all coyotes checked-in.  Properly filled out blocks are imperative. We will have a large pool of coyotes to compare temperatures and times with- you should expect your coyotes to fall within those ranges. If you check in a coyote that does not fall within those ranges, the tournament officials will have sole discretion of disallowing the coyote in question. Violating the tournament rules or the laws of the state can lead to that team’s removal from the tournament and depending on the situation, the local authorities may be notified.

29. Trapping, snaring, live trapping, shooting coyotes the night before, having another team or individual locating coyotes, or trying to take a coyote in any way that would jeopardize the integrity of the tournament will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the tournament immediately. Anything questionable will be up to the discretion of the hunt administration to determine if a coyote will be allowed or disallowed. It is the responsibility of the team members to follow the rules and to turn in coyotes that do not appear to be taken outside of what is allowed by the rules.  It is up to the team to prove that any coyote in question was taken legally.