Welcome to the United States Predator Challenge


About the Championship:

The USPC is the first contest series ever started to truly crown the first ever US champion coyote calling team. All other events in the past have only been in one region of the country this will test the teams in 3 regions. The first contest will be DEC 7-8 in the Western region with Checkin in central Utah. The second event will be the Eastern US championship that will be held Jan 11-13 in Virginia. The 3rd and final leg will be the Midwestern region and it will be held Feb 1-2 with final checkin in NE.

This will be the first to combine different regions of the country to finally determine the best overall predator hunters from across the country.

the Western and Midwestern events will be daylight only rifle and shotgun. The Eastern event will be 2 1/2 days of day or night anything goes. Our goal is to determine which team has what it takes to be the best across this nation.


We want to stress the importance that to win one of these regional contests will be HUGE... and to win the overall Championship will truly set the bar in the predator calling world.